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Advantages and disadvantages of using wood flooring or ceramic tiles in the living room


The choice of wood flooring or ceramic tiles in the living room is really a matter of living habits of every family. Of course, most families use ceramic tiles. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the living room with tile and wooden floor.

Ceramic tile:

Advantages: ①moisture-proof, mildew-proof and durable. The tile is a high-temperature fired product with high density and high hardness, and good anti-mold and moisture-proof effect. Don't worry about the bear child in the living room to turn over the soup. ②Good care, good flatness, imitation of water, anti-fouling, dirty, just mopping the floor, no need to control the home can not wet the water, no waxing and other care.③Variety of styles, there are thousands of kinds of marble, imitation wood, imitation leather, etc., to meet the needs of various styles.

Disadvantages: ① Cold and hard, no wooden floor comfort. ②The texture is not as good as the wood floor, the wood floor is derived from natural wood, and many high-end rare woods are naturally burnt tiles.

Wooden floor:

Advantages: ① Warm and comfortable, soft and good foot feeling, natural advantages of wood, children crawling barefoot, or accidentally wrestling are not so distressed. ②The texture is natural, the natural texture is different, and the different textures of different woods.

Disadvantages: ① It is relatively troublesome to take care of, and it needs to be mopped with a dry mop and regularly waxed. ② The moisture-proof effect is poor, and the use process needs more attention.

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