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Let me talk about the marble tiles


1. The texture is no longer repeated

The texture is no longer repeated, achieving an infinite extension of the texture, freeing the application limitations of the single surface texture of the tile. The infinite extension of space makes the large-scale paving and overall use of marble tiles more realistic.

2. All in one body

The marble tiles are made of all-in-one texture in the table and the inside; whether it is grooved, chamfered, edging, etc., the color effect is like the original appearance of natural marble, the overall appearance is beautiful, and the space decoration effect is more realistic.

3. Pickled vintage natural stone material

Using high-definition 3D technology to replicate the texture of the original stone after pickling, the thickness and clarity of the surface of the product are infinitely close to natural stone. The surface is bumpy, natural, and textured.

4. No netting is more realistic

No netting, color, layer, texture is like real stone. The texture is more permeable, the surface is smoother and more delicate, three-dimensional and transparent, infinitely realistic, close to the natural beauty of natural marble.

5. Superimposed glaze layer is more transparent

The product is closer to natural marble on a single piece of texture. It has a natural smooth touch and a three-dimensional transparent texture, which enhances the three-dimensional effect, transparent effect and heavy effect of the product.

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