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What is the difference between marble and marble tiles?


First, from the perspective of technology:

Stone is the most malleable building material, which can be processed into any shape of sheet, line, cylinder, or can be shaped, embossed, round sculpture, etc...

In terms of plasticity, only wood can be compared with stone, but wood and stone are the two most important architectural decoration materials for human use. Because wood products require surface paint and are compared in moisture and corrosion protection. Weak, slightly inferior to stone.

There are several important differences between tile and marble in decoration:

1, gap and surface treatment:

Is the ground flat like a mirror? How can it be? !

Because the tile looks good on the surface of the glazed surface, the main body of the glazed surface is fired, and it does not have the gloss and rich color and natural texture. Therefore, the most common treatment method for the gap of the tile is to use the beauty. Slotting agent. The essence of the beauty agent is a gelatinous substance that combines various chemical components. As long as it is glue, it will inevitably age. Because of the difference between the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient and the brick body, it will still age and fall off after a long time. And when the tiles are laid, it is normal because of the poor specifications and the unevenness caused by the manual error.

The natural marble is the same, even if it is worn to only a few millimeters, its color, luster and texture are the same as the surface. Therefore, the natural marble can be mirrored after the paving is completed, and the mirror treatment can be processed. The subtle high and low errors generated when installing the paving, after grinding, polishing and crevice treatment, can make the whole ground form a flat and bright mirror! It is called mirror processing. And it can be repeated many times, even after many years of surface scratching or heavy object bumps and small gaps, you can achieve a bright and new effect through mirror processing!

2. Shaped processing:

We have just mentioned that stone is the most malleable building material. Through various professional processing, stone can achieve any effect that designers can imagine. The limitation of ceramic tiles lies in the inconsistency between the glazed surface and the embryo body. The cut section has no uniform texture and color.

Therefore, whether the customer chooses tiles or marble on the floor, the stairs are often made of marble. Others such as door covers, window sleeves and columns are especially preferred marble. In summary, we conclude that ceramic tiles cannot be shaped like marbles to achieve better decorative effects due to the limitations of their own characteristics.

Second, from the perspective of environmental protection:

For a long time, due to some unfair competition and vicious propaganda, people have always believed that the radiation of marble is not good for home life. But in fact, stone is the most important part of the earth's surface, and we humans live on the surface of stone. Moreover, the whole process of stone mining and processing is cold processing, without high temperature calcination or adding other chemicals.

On April 25, 2016, CCTV's financial channel "Consumer Proposition" column, in-depth investigation and research on the rumor of marble radiation, and through the experimental testing of modern equipment, discovered the truth of the facts and reported.

The experimental results show that the radiation values of the main building materials such as tiles, glass, wood and marble circulating in the market are within the scope of the national health control, but to everyone's surprise, the radiation of marble is the smallest! The radiation of glass is about 0.3~0.4, the wood is 0.4~0.5, the ceramic tile is about 0.3~0.5, and the radiation of marble is only about 0.01~0.02! Far less than several other building materials!

Third, the paving effect:

Beautiful and elegant, the marble is rich in color and rich in texture. A major and growing market share in decorative materials. At present, the most popular tiles on the market are precisely “imitation marble tiles”. Can “fake Li Gui” really replace “true Li Wei”? What is the truth about "imitation marble tiles"? The expert did a test like this:

The detection method is this: we have prepared two models, one is called "sapphire" natural marble (blue marble is famous for its preciousness and beauty in nature), and the other is the same named "sapphire" tile. . Then, the two models that look "almost" are respectively fixed on the display board, and the digital camera (simulating human eyes) is used to shoot at four different distance points of 2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1 meter and 0.3 meters. The visual contrast of the shooting effect to determine whether "imitation marble tiles can be a perfect substitute for natural marble in terms of decorative effect."

In fact, the truth is very simple. The so-called "imitation marble tiles" actually use the industrial inkjet printing technology (that is, the 3D inkjet printing that the ceramic industry vigorously promotes) to "print" the scanned marble patterns on the surface of the tiles. The resolution of this kind of print has a limit no matter how much high definition, and there is a blurring phenomenon when zoomed in and close to the observation detail. Even the low-end brands that produce some inferior equipment have the drawback of “ghosting”.

The color of natural marble is formed by the coloration of various minerals contained in it. Different minerals appear as different colors, and their varied textures are naturally formed due to different distribution components. Therefore, the beautiful color of marble seen by our eyes is actually not "color", not "printing pigment", but "material"! Of course, it is clear and beautiful, and it can't be blurred if it is magnified many times.

Therefore, "imitation marble tiles" is just "printed matter", just like the simulation of calligraphy and painting can never have the value of famous authentic products, at this point, tiles and natural marble are not comparable!

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